Tom Carrick

Web development consultant. Python, Django.

Hello there 👋🏻

I'm Tom Carrick, professional web developer. I work mostly with Python, Django, PostgreSQL, and sometimes FastAPI. I'm currently rekindling my JS skills.

The most useful things on this site at the moment are the blog and my CV.

My focus is on web development. Usually I work on application backends but I also have an interest in frontend development, particularly around accessibility. As you can perhaps tell from the design of this site, I also have an interest in keeping page sizes down and designs uncluttered to help reduce the CO2e emissions of sites, and I'm also interested in using infrastructure in the most efficient and least carbon-intensive way possible.

I'm a semi-regular contributor to Django, and occasionally to other open source projects. I sometimes coach for Django Girls workshops (pandemic permitting), and I still don't feel like I'm doing enough.